DIY TV Antenna Videos

My homemade hdtv antenna plans were inspired by a video I found on YouTube. There seems to be a lot of demand from people wondering how to make a digital antenna, but the YouTube videos were not quite detailed enough, so I did some research and created the detailed plans and diagrams.

Maybe someday I'll make my own video showing the construction process, but for now, here are a collection of videos showing how to make different types of antennas.

One of the interesting aspects is there are many different antenna designs people are making. My research indicates that a db4 like in my plans is the best overall design for general use, but it's certainly not the only thing that may work. Some of the designs (or lack of in some cases) are quite interesting to see. Some Antennas are as simple as a wire in a coffee can, while others are more complicated.

DIY HDTV Antenna Videos

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